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About me

I love programming! It is my dream job and I never want to stop. I love learning about paradigms, new and old. I love solving problems in new ways. I love talking about paradigms and theories and structures and patterns. I love teaching these concepts to others. I love what I do!

I learned coding in middle school with qBasic, computer science and OOP in high school with Java and C++, and taught myself everything from that point onward. The first language I wrote professionally was PHP, but I quickly found my love for JavaScript.

I have been working in front and back end JS for 3+ years now. JS can do almost anything. I love that, depending on my need, I can easily write code for functional or OO programming, prototype or classical inheritance, frontend or backend (or both), monolithic or micro or just CLI tooling. I read new opinions and ideas daily and I am always surprised at the new ways others have found to use JS and always happy to find I have more to learn.

Every day, I am excited about what problems I am presented and how I can solve them. Let's solve them together!


Most of my projects have been private for various companies, but here are some of the projects I have worked on:

  • UCI MAT Interviews

    Description: Allows applicants to the Masters of Arts in Teaching for UCI, School of Education to sign up for an interview time slot. The server sends reminder emails to applicants and sends attendance emails to the administrator.

  • to-csv

    Description: Microservice to convert tabular data (ex: CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX) to standardized CSV.

  • uci-ldap-search

    Description: Minor customization of node-ldap to allow for simple searching of the LDAP behind directory.uci.edu.

  • taskbot

    Description: takes in messages in the form of strings, buffers, or streams (ex: IM, email, twitter feed) and parses for commands that begin with # and runs the commands sequentially.
    Usages: Make an email only ticketing/help-desk system. Parse emails or twitter feeds to auto-set reminders, timers, or start the coffee maker. Initiate workflows based on text commands from a stream.


Please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, set an issue on this Github repo, or use this contact form.

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